6 Benefits of Cooking in Cast Iron

Sometimes we get so health-conscious about what to eat and what not to eat that we pay no heed to the bigger picture. It is not about what we eat but also about how we prepare it. In fact, the pots and pans we use are the most important things because the food goes in them only.

So if you’re spending bucks on good quality foods and stuff, why not spend money on good cookware also. And I don’t know if something is better than the cast-iron pans. If you are not aware of its benefits and why you should use it, look at its benefits discussed below.

1. Naturally Non-Stick

Nowadays, non-stick pans made of Teflon are very popular but are not good in terms of health. When the pan is dry and you heat it on high temperatures, they release chemicals into the air called PFCs. A scratched non-stick pan releases even more PFCs into your food.

But if you look at the bright side, if seasoned properly, the cast iron pans are naturally non-stick without any chemical.

2. Easy to Clean

If you compare cast iron with the stainless steel, you’ll always find that stainless steel would require a lot of elbow grease while cast iron releases the food easily, making it an easy clean-up job.

If you find cast iron a difficult one to maintain, no worries we have a solution for this. Once you are done with the food and the pan is empty. Take that hot pan (handle with care) under the hot running water and remove the food bits with the help of the metal spatula.

Take the pan to the stove to dry and clean with a paper towel dipped in little oil. The method will actually take less than a minute and saves you from scrubbing the pan and damaging the seasoning.

Cast Iron Skillet

3. Fortifies Food with Iron

This is a well-known fact that the best cast iron cookware increases the amount of iron in the food. Acidic foods and the foods that are cooked for a longer period of time collect most iron. For instance, tomato sauce when cooked in cast iron pan, it contains 87.5 mg iron and when cooked in a glass pan it has merely 3.0 mg iron.

Not only these foods but non-acidic and those cooked quickly such as eggs and fried potatoes averaged a five-fold increase in iron content when it is cooked in an iron skillet.

4. Inexpensive

Cast iron is one of the affordable cookware on the market. A new 10 inch cast iron skillet can cost you just $25. While on the other hand, a quality stainless-steel pan of the same size can cost you $100. Since cast iron can last forever so it is a one-time purchase.

5. They are nearly Indestructible

It is clear from the heading that they are nearly indestructible. After every use of the cast iron cookware, the cooking surface becomes smoother, apply oil to seep into the surface and continuously improve the seasoning.

But what about the Teflon coated non-stick pans? If by any chance you use a metal spatula, the cookware is a crap. Don’t use if the cookware is scratched (why? See the first reason). On the other hand, using a plastic spatula melts a little bit of plastic into your food. So why to go for any non-stick pan when you have cast iron.

Cast Iron Skillet

6. Even Cooking Temperature

Cast iron pans are undoubtedly bulky and their weight is comparatively more than other cookware and that is the reason they hold the heat for a longer time. Thus, it works well whether you are working at a low temperature or high temperature. If you are unavailable with a trustable stove, a cast iron can be a help.

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