What do you pre-season barbecue ribs with

There is more than one way to pre-season ribs. Some people like to pre-cook there ribs to make sure they are not undercooked after they are grilled.  Always pre-season your ribs before pre-cooking to bring out the flavor and to tenderize the meet.

pre-season your ribs

A good dry rub made with herbs and spices applied to the meat just before pre-cooking makes the ribs very tasty and tender. These dry rubs should always be applied just before pre-cooking. They will stick to and coat the meat.
Dry rubs save time because they are applied just before cooking. Some people like to boil their ribs in beer to add flavor and tenderize the meat. This process will not work well when you are using a dry rub because the rub will boil off. You could apply the dry rub after boiling and just before grilling the meat.

Some people will use a marinade which is a wet seasoning with acidic type ingredients like wine, vinegar, and lemon juice. Usually, other herbs and spices will be added as well. Wet seasoning should always be added in the refrigerator and usually, the meat will be left to soak overnight. This will add much flavor as well as tenderize the meat. Use a food-safe plastic bag or glass or plastic container, never use aluminum when soaking meat overnight.

Again there are many ways to pre-season ribs. You can experiment with different ways and find the way you like best. You can’t please everyone but you can please yourself with a delightful platter of barbeque ribs.

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