6 Benefits of Cooking in Cast Iron

Sometimes we get so health-conscious about what to eat and what not to eat that we pay no heed to the bigger picture. It is not about what we eat but also about how we prepare it. In fact, the pots and pans we use are the most important things because the food goes in them only.

So if you’re spending bucks on good quality foods and stuff, why not spend money on good cookware also. And I don’t know if something is better than the cast-iron pans. If you are not aware of its benefits and why you should use it, look at its benefits discussed below.

1. Naturally Non-Stick

Nowadays, non-stick pans made of Teflon are very popular but are not good in terms of health. When the pan is dry and you heat it on high temperatures, they release chemicals into the air called PFCs. A scratched non-stick pan releases even more PFCs into your food.

But if you look at the bright side, if seasoned properly, the cast iron pans are naturally non-stick without any chemical.

2. Easy to Clean

If you compare cast iron with the stainless steel, you’ll always find that stainless steel would require a lot of elbow grease while cast iron releases the food easily, making it an easy clean-up job.

If you find cast iron a difficult one to maintain, no worries we have a solution for this. Once you are done with the food and the pan is empty. Take that hot pan (handle with care) under the hot running water and remove the food bits with the help of the metal spatula.

Take the pan to the stove to dry and clean with a paper towel dipped in little oil. The method will actually take less than a minute and saves you from scrubbing the pan and damaging the seasoning.

Cast Iron Skillet

3. Fortifies Food with Iron

This is a well-known fact that the best cast iron cookware increases the amount of iron in the food. Acidic foods and the foods that are cooked for a longer period of time collect most iron. For instance, tomato sauce when cooked in cast iron pan, it contains 87.5 mg iron and when cooked in a glass pan it has merely 3.0 mg iron.

Not only these foods but non-acidic and those cooked quickly such as eggs and fried potatoes averaged a five-fold increase in iron content when it is cooked in an iron skillet.

4. Inexpensive

Cast iron is one of the affordable cookware on the market. A new 10 inch cast iron skillet can cost you just $25. While on the other hand, a quality stainless-steel pan of the same size can cost you $100. Since cast iron can last forever so it is a one-time purchase.

5. They are nearly Indestructible

It is clear from the heading that they are nearly indestructible. After every use of the cast iron cookware, the cooking surface becomes smoother, apply oil to seep into the surface and continuously improve the seasoning.

But what about the Teflon coated non-stick pans? If by any chance you use a metal spatula, the cookware is a crap. Don’t use if the cookware is scratched (why? See the first reason). On the other hand, using a plastic spatula melts a little bit of plastic into your food. So why to go for any non-stick pan when you have cast iron.

Cast Iron Skillet

6. Even Cooking Temperature

Cast iron pans are undoubtedly bulky and their weight is comparatively more than other cookware and that is the reason they hold the heat for a longer time. Thus, it works well whether you are working at a low temperature or high temperature. If you are unavailable with a trustable stove, a cast iron can be a help.

What do you pre-season barbecue ribs with

There is more than one way to pre-season ribs. Some people like to pre-cook there ribs to make sure they are not undercooked after they are grilled.  Always pre-season your ribs before pre-cooking to bring out the flavor and to tenderize the meet.

pre-season your ribs

A good dry rub made with herbs and spices applied to the meat just before pre-cooking makes the ribs very tasty and tender. These dry rubs should always be applied just before pre-cooking. They will stick to and coat the meat.
Dry rubs save time because they are applied just before cooking. Some people like to boil their ribs in beer to add flavor and tenderize the meat. This process will not work well when you are using a dry rub because the rub will boil off. You could apply the dry rub after boiling and just before grilling the meat.

Some people will use a marinade which is a wet seasoning with acidic type ingredients like wine, vinegar, and lemon juice. Usually, other herbs and spices will be added as well. Wet seasoning should always be added in the refrigerator and usually, the meat will be left to soak overnight. This will add much flavor as well as tenderize the meat. Use a food-safe plastic bag or glass or plastic container, never use aluminum when soaking meat overnight.

Again there are many ways to pre-season ribs. You can experiment with different ways and find the way you like best. You can’t please everyone but you can please yourself with a delightful platter of barbeque ribs.

Barbecue Sauce – The Signature Of Every Barbecue Cook

Grill masters love their barbecue sauce and every great barbecue cook has its own signature sauce. A typical barbecue sauce is easy to make, but it is an important part of every barbecue as it can make or break the barbecue. You should also know that every big barbecue region has its own typical sauce.  Most traditional barbecue sauces will use tomato, mustard or vinegar as a base and come in all consistencies, from thick and sticky to thin and runny. There are also mopping sauces and finishing sauces.

Barbecue Sauce

People order their barbecue wet or dry.  If it is wet this means that mopping sauce was applied all over the meat while cooking.  If dry then the sauce was not applied while cooking and the eater may add finishing sauce while eating the barbecue.  Barbecue sauce can be used before, during or after cooking, however, the cook needs to be aware that sauce with tomato and/or sugar can burn easily during the cooking process and have a negative effect on the taste of the meat.

A grill master may use sauces from each of the three main types (tomato, mustard, and vinegar) so that he/she can cook to order and satisfy more pallets.  Usually, a grill master will start with the three basic sauces and experiment with different ingredients until he/she finds what they like and then has their own signature sauce.

It is hard to mess up a barbecue unless it is undercooked or burned, so experimenting with a sauce will only make it better. A grill master may continuously work on his sauce and may have several varieties to be used depending on the side dishes and/or event being catered.

New Counter Height Bar Stools

Counter Height Bar Stools

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It plays a fundamental role in any household because it is usually the place where not only the family hangs out but also friends during social gatherings.

There are lots of things that you can do in the kitchen because its use is not restricted to just cooking. This is one room your family and friends will spend lots of their time. It’s one of the greatest social gathering areas in any home.

The kitchen has always been a place to gather and today many people design their kitchen’s to not only look extravagant but also to be stylish and comfortable. Adding some counter height stools is a great way of giving your kitchen a new and stylish look while giving your family and friends a nice comfortable place to sit.

Counter height bar stools are also known as kitchen bar stools because for the most part they are used in the kitchen. A bar stool is somewhat different than your usual stool. They were first introduced in bars and other public places but because of their popularity soon made their way into the home.

The Bar Stool Moves to the Kitchen

Today many people buy bar stools for their kitchen as they are becoming ever more popular. They are more appealing than your average wooden stool as they look more stylish. There are many reasons as to why these bar stools are becoming ever more popular.

A lot has to do with the fact that there is growing concern among people to make their kitchen’s look more stylish and extravagant. Many people hire special professionals and designers to do all the designing while many design their kitchen themselves.

They are made from different materials which range from wood to metal. They also come in various styles but provide a certain height advantage as they are taller than most contemporary bar stools as well as regular kitchen chairs.

Check Height Before Buying

There are many things that you need to take into account when thinking about purchasing this type of seating. It all depends on your own size and the overall size of the counter.

So be sure an measure before you order your any stools to sit on your kitchen counter. There are companies operating that provide you with customized bar stools. These customize barstools can cater to you and your kitchen’s needs and requirements.

Many Different Designs and Styles

Among the chief reason behind their popularity is the trendy look they provide. They make a room look more stylish and glamorous as compared to simple wooden chairs which can sometimes be perceived as old and out of style. You can shop for them online and get some really amazing price cuts.

Crispy Chicken Legs | Our Recipe

I would like to share with you how to make crispy chicken leg fried delicious mouth strange for the family to enjoy offline.

Ingredients for crispy chicken leg fried

To make crispily fried chicken leg you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Chicken legs: 4 piecesFlaky powder: 1 pack
  • Flaky powder: 1 pack
  • Wheat flour: 1 pound.
  • Eggs: 2-3 eggs
  • Bean sprouts, butter, fish sauce, main noodles, rind, coriander, chili.

Crispy Chicken Legs

How to make chicken legs crispy

Step 1:

  • Wash the chicken legs, cut the pieces just eat. You marinate the chicken with a little grain wedge, let go small for about 20 minutes to soak.
  • Beat two or three eggs into the bowl, add some fish sauce and noodles and whisk slowly, stirring constantly, making a paste mixture, do not be too thick.
  • Puff pastry poured into the large bowl.
  • Vegetables smell peppers clean.
  • Chilli flower.

Step 2:

When the chicken thighs soaked into your spicy chicken legs into the bowl of egg noodles marinated in the flour.

Step 3:

Place the pan on the stove, heat the old oil pan and let go of the chicken thighs, so that the fire is small and the chicken is cooked in the pan.

Step 4:

  • Heat the butter out, after the chicken thighs ripe you put the butter on the fried chicken fried for all, to get the rich smell.
  • Place crispy fried chicken on the plate, chopped coriander up, for chili flowers in the middle to decorate beautifully.
  • Mix sauce with a delicious sauce, add chili and pepper.


Deep fried chicken leg fried delicious mouth strange, simple way to do. Chicken legs are dark yellow, beautiful, not burning, up the aroma of butter, eggs, chicken. Let’s start with this delicious food right to a family to enjoy offline.

Wish you success and delicious.

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Starting Your Own Cafe

New barista in town? Here are the 5 things that you need to keep in mind before setting out on a path to success.


Boiler Size, Capacity, and Performance

If you are thinking that you can survive through the day making just espressos, you are terribly wrong. Every day will comprise of a mish-mash of orders ranging from cappuccinos to macchiato. Most of these drinks require different textures of milk with varying amounts of flatness and foam. So, the rate of espresso extraction definitely takes a back seat. Producing textured milk with different degrees of heat is the real limiting factor. This requires nothing other than frothing wands, of which, most of the larger machines have two.

So, the rate of espresso extraction definitely takes a back seat. Producing textured milk with different degrees of heat is the real limiting factor. This requires nothing other than frothing wands, of which, most of the larger machines have two.

As you will find out sooner or later, it is the size of the module and the boiler that will determine the amount of heating and texturing of the milk. Most of the commercial machines come with adequate power to suit the needs of average consumption of the number of groups over a given period of time.

At this point, you may want a glimpse of the mechanism. Most of the machines need to draw cold water from the supply line every time you use the hot water from the machine. This means, the new water drawn in needs to be heated to the desired temperature before the steam can be produced again. The steam quality can tell oodles about the pressure on your machine. The steam should be dry and strong. If your steam is wet and slow, it is an indication that you are using a lot of water and steam. Messing with the steam quality usually results in poorly textured milk. This is not at all pleasing or desired when you are trying to build a reputation for your café.

The steam should be dry and strong. If your steam is wet and slow, it is an indication that you are using a lot of water and steam. Messing with the steam quality usually results in poorly textured milk. This is not at all pleasing or desired when you are trying to build a reputation for your café.

So, always take into account the different types of drinks you need to make, the customer load and the style of brewing required before deciding on the coffee maker model. A bigger boiler may not be required in certain situations since in such a case; the element will also have to be upgraded to maintain the boiler temperature. Always remember, good coffee is extracted in between 88 and 92 degree Celsius. This ensures rich, caramelized flavor of the sugar and aromatic compounds present in the coffee. A higher temperature can cause bleaching of flavor and result in poor crèma.

A bigger boiler may not be required in certain situations since in such a case; the element will also have to be upgraded to maintain the boiler temperature.

Always remember, good coffee is extracted in between 88 and 92 degree Celsius. This ensures rich, caramelized flavor of the sugar and aromatic compounds present in the coffee. A higher temperature can cause bleaching of flavor and result in poor crèma.

Why You’ll Need Several Kinds of Milk

If you want to become an affluent barista, you will need to know your milk. To start with, you need to know the difference in texture and taste of whole or full-fat milk, reduced fat milk, skim milk and of course, the type of trend, soy milk.

Full fat has a wonderful taste of its own. The abundant protein and fat present in the milk react very well with freshly extracted coffee to offer a full palette. While whole milk is preferred by most baristas for its rich flavor, skim milk and reduced fat milk is preferred by the health conscious customers for their low-fat content.

However, these varieties have 1% or less milk-fat and tent to be flimsy. Skim milk is definitely more watery and runs the risk of making the coffee less flavorful.

As we see milk fads spreading all over the market, there are quite a few non-animal based milk forms which are emerging. The most popular one being soy milk. If you have to work with this variant, never ever heat them suddenly too high temperatures.

Soy milk hates to be heated and takes out its vengeance by curdling in the espresso. A customer standing on the other side of the counter standing with coffee-curd in hand is definitely not a pleasant experience and definitely one you do not need in your recent future.

The easiest way to settle on a good brand of soy milk without taking unwarranted risks is to visit a few busy cafes of your locality and check out the brand they rely on for positive customer reviews.

The Coffee Grinder

Just like your espresso machine, your grinder needs to be adequate for continuous use. Settling for a wrong grinder just because it is cheap may lead to the demise of your beloved barista business even before it kicks off.

The best and easiest way to determine if your grinder is made for commercial use is to judge its weight. It should weight around 6Kg for a small and 10 Kg for a large one.

The larger ones have a larger and more powerful motor which produces more torque at a lower speed. This means the coffee can be ground without any collateral heating.

This is very important since heating causes the coffee to lose flavor. The lack of excess strain on the grinder implies that the machine can do this all day long without causing wear and tear of the grinder, whereas smaller motors will definitely burn out faster during continuous use.

Remember, the burrs need nice sharp edges to grind the coffee effectively to produce the right, rich taste

Why You Need Two or More Grinders

You may not have thought about it just yet, but soon you will need to think about serving flavored coffees just to keep up with your competitors. But serving flavored coffee alongside plain coffee entails using two separate grinders or you will most definitely get traces of flavors in your regular coffee.

Of course, vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate are amazing flavors, but these are most annoying for some caffeine junkies who want double-shot espressos for a quick fix!

Also, a third grinder is much required for the decaf crowd. For this, a smaller grinder or a grind on demand grinder is more than optimal. If you are a perfectionist, you may want to add a fourth grinder to the line of equipment.

This one will be dedicated to making a special kind of espresso only, maybe something using a richer than usual blend rotated from day to day on-demand basis. Having a wide range of options and a large selection of flavors will draw in larger crowds to boost your business.


Now we come to the moolah point. This is something that cannot be ignored citing excuses of inspiration or aspiration. What you can do with your business and in your business depends on how much money you can spend on the project.

Well, to begin with, knowing the cost of a standard commercial espresso machine may bring about an attack of hysteria. But if you are a little more experienced, then you know, that the reality check doesn’t stop here.

The cost of the machine is deductible to your business. Let us show you how. So, you sell your espressos at $4 a pop. The coffee ground and milk for the same cost exactly $0.50. Then, your total earning on each espresso becomes $3.50. If you serve 100 customers per day, you make $350. For 5 days a week, you make $1750 by selling espresso only. The only thing that you shouldn’t worry about when it comes to costing is a good coffee machine, if you still haven’t decided on what espresso machine to buy then you should read Freshpresso’s reviews and comparisons before making the buying decision.

In four weeks or a month, this becomes $7000. This is actually a little more than the cost of an espresso machine. We have used a moderate volume and quite a high cost to explain the situation to you. But with proper maintenance, you will be able to pay off the cost of the machine in just a few weeks, whereas the machine will continue to serve you for years to come.

Pink Carpet Charity Fundraiser

Who: Joseph Rene, Carmine’s Italian, Avon Foundation for Women
What: Pink Carpet Charity Fundraiser
Where: Carmine’s Italian South Pasadena, CA
When: Sunday, August 19th, 2015 4pm-10pm
Why: In honor of clients friends family & anyone who has been affected by cancer.


Joseph Rene is a celebrated celebrity stylist & a So. California volunteer” having been a child of the LA county court system all of his childhood with severe adversity’s then emancipated to the streets at 17 ½ he knows firsthand what it’s like to have no voice support and the struggles to be a survivor!! It is his personal mission to give back to his community’s through the art of HAIR CREATIVITY INSPIRATION!

Joseph Rene will be hosting a Pink Carpet charity event & walking 39+ miles to raise $5.ooo+ in support of client’s friends family & anyone touched by this disease for the Avon Foundation For Women.

For all press inquiries please contact Joseph Rene
Sponsorship donations & silent auction items are being accepted
501c3 & registration # available upon request
Creative Minds Inspire!
Joseph Rene

The Sugar Lounge


Happy Hour      Monday – Friday 4pm–7pm

50% off Happy Hour food items,

$2 off house wines and well drinks.

$1 off draft beers.

Cock-Eyed Louie

Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, Peach Schnapps,

pineapple, grenadine


Stoli Bluberi vodka, lime juice, Chambord,

Pomegranate juice


Hendrick’s Gin, lime juice, simple syrup,

cucumber, basil

Moscow Mule

Stoli Vodka, ginger beer, fresh lime juice

Spicy Margarita

Stoli Hot Jalapeno Vodka, fresh lime juice,

agave nectar